We use multiple, totally isolated recording spaces/booths so your band can get that live feel while retaining complete malleability for post production. Each musician having full control over their own headphone mix so the band can maximise their time in the studio and get that essential vibe from each other.



With a long list of credits including artists like Tim Minchin, Rachel Claudio and Matt Cal, the Sundown Team can help bring your track to life. Artists are welcome to sit in on their mix sessions and bring their own perspective to the mix.

Josh Mixing

Mix Suite Hire

With one of the best sounding control rooms in the state, an accurate monitoring system and a large array of plug-ins, the Sundown Mix Suite can help you put the finishing touches and accurately check your mix before sending it off for mastering.


Song Development
& Production

You have a song but need a hit. We support songwriters and bands to develop their sound across a wide variety of genres. We listen carefully to make sure we stay true to the intent of the creator. We tailor our development process and producer selection to each artist, and have a focus on celebrating each creator’s unique sound.



Need video content for your next release? We produce live studio videos with the best in the biz. They know music and what flies in the studio. Videos are edited and mastered with your final track so you have a final product ready to go.


Studio fun

In Perth for a quickie? Need a jam sesh to get some ideas down? Hit us up to sort out a rehearsal, recording or whatever it may be on a casual or one off basis.